Eat Eat Eat
About Tak Cheung

Tak Cheung is an emerging artist who is intrigued by food: its political impact, process of production, the ramification of its total costs and the pure gastronomical sensation. Through his art work he explores these ideas with rigor and whimsical humor. His working series ‘Sheep-shaped Cuisines’ draws his experiences as a product designer in creating tools to cook sculptural foods with. Through these explorations familiar foods are re-conceptualized with an embedded aesthetics. ‘Eat Like What You Eat’ is his recent graduate thesis project in which he creates a thematic dining experience that depicts the process of production. It is a meal about chicken told through an industrialized setting. For Tak, the topic of food is a creative platform for him to engage in and contribute to the wider cultural dialog.

Tak was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to Brooklyn, NY with his family at the age of nine. He studied product design at Parsons, graduating with the class of ’03. Since then he’s been applying his design skills on projects of various scales and programing, including architectural projects like the Flood Mitigation Gratings for the MTA in NYC, developed lifestyle products at Fabrica, Italy and also contributed creative ideas as a freelancer at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia in NYC. These works can be found on his portfolio website at: He is a recent graduate of the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University. Tak keeps a blog post of his work at ITP, it can be found here: (Although the ITP site often down it’s for now the best location to house all physical computing and programing related projects.)

Tak Cheung lives in NYC.
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