Eat Eat Eat
Ai Fiori Kitchen – Eat Like What You Eat

After dining a delicious meal at Ai Fiori during restaurant week I asked to visit the kitchen a week later.

Chef PJ Calapa generously opened his doors for my research. During this time I didn’t know what my thesis project was going to be.

A lot of notes taking on the mannerism and rigors of being inside a professional kitchen.

I helped prep some of these mushrooms. There’s a lot of prepping and dedication to bring on an exquisite meal.

There’s a hierarchy in the kitchen and each time an order is placed one person announces the order and everybody chats in acknowledgement.

The chef of pasta.

Pastry has its own department. This divided chefs into different specialties. It reminded me of the fashion design world where if you’re a women’s night-ware designer you’re not necessary qualified to design women’s tee-shirts… But here I understand every ingredient has its unique temperament, chemistry and techniques.

I learned a lot from watching the prep works. Details, it is the last 5% of effort that makes up the entire experience.

I was very glad to see how spirited and congenial they are to each other. I felt I stepped into a family’s kitchen.

Immaculate stealthness observed.

I was overly excited to see the full picture of the meal I ate.

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