Eat Eat Eat
Culinary Exploration – Eat Like What You Eat

The culinary exploration is in collaboration with Chef Elizabeth Kalin of Betty Brooklyn Catering Co. and Chef Anna Rose Hopkins of Lucullan Foods. They were instrumental to this project in bringing their professional experience and creating a uniquely delectable experience for the diners. I am so grateful for their involvement!

We rented out a test kitchen space, Entrepreneur Space in Long Island City two weeks before the performance and tested out all the recipes and some serving objects.

We started with Perdue® chicken as the base ingredient for all the courses.

The first-course, Chicken Consommé.

Testing the amount of soup in the slump glass mold. About a half cup serving.

The second-course, Chicken Croquettes.

Consistent size was very important so that the croquettes roll out of the feeder evenly.

The rim to the bird feeder was too shallow and the mold had to be readjusted.

The third-course, Reconstructed Brick-Chicken. With my mom’s help we’ve re-assembled the chicken by meat gluing the skin, white meat, dark meat, fat, liver and heart inside a square mold. This re-imagines a chicken growing into the confined spaces of a battery cage, like a Japanese square-watermelon.

We glued three bricks and tested three ways of cooking.

Here are the results of that night. For the final performance meal we choose to reduce the size of the brick, glue the chicken like the patterns in the far left and braise the meat so the bumps of the chicken skin is still visible.

The fourth-course, Chicken Ice Cream

This is the final recipe used for the performance(courtesy of Chef Anna Rose Hopkins):
Chicken Consommé:
Perdue Chicken Carcass, Gizzards, Head, Neck and Back
Carrots, Celery, Fennel
Dill, Cilantro, Parsley, Thyme
Aromatics: Star Anise, Bay, Peppercorn
Water, Olive Oil

Garnish for Consommé: Mustard Blossom


Chicken Croquettes:
Perdue Chicken Breast, Russett Potatoes, Cilantro, Mint, Egg, Bread Crumbs, Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil
Fried in Vegetable Oil

Dill Buttermilk: Dill, Buttermilk, White Vinegar, Salt, Sugar, Pepper, Lemon
Sweet Tomato: Roast Tomatoes, Mayonnaise, White Vinegar, Paprika, Salt, Pepper
Hot Mustard: Dijon, Turmeric, Olive Oil, Vinegar, Salt, Brown Sugar, Water
Shoyu (Soy Sauce, slightly reduced)


Re-Constructed Brick Chicken:
Whole Perdue Chicken, including fat, liver and heart and skin
Meat Glue

Brine: Brown Sugar, Salt, Water, Bay, Parsley, Thyme, Garlic, Pink Peppercorn, Black Pepper, Cinnamon Stick, Anise

Braising Liquid: Chicken Stock, Water, Butter, Onion, Garlic, Cinnamon, Thyme, Cilantro, Parsley, Bay, Salt and Pepper

Gravy: Olive Oil, Butter, Giblets, Onion, Shallot, Garlic, Park Cognac VSOP, Black Pepper, Salt

Spinach (wilted), Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper

Trumpet Mushroom Caps, Olive Oil, Salt

Garnish: Arugula Blossom


Chicken Ice Cream:
Egg, Egg Yolk, Heavy Cream, Half and Half, Sugar, Chicken Schmaltz (Rendered Chicken Fat, in our case, there was also rendered duck fat involved), Tarragon, Vanilla, Salt

Served in a Jacques Torres White Chocolate Chicken Head Cone

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