Eat Eat Eat
Mr. Ted Conover

Mr. Ted Conover, an investigative journalist and author of the recent Harper’s Magazine article, The Way of All Flesh was very generous with his time to experience this meal. Here are his reflections to this thematic dining experience.

Mr. Conover was invited after I read his article in the May 2013 issue of Harper’s magazine. After a few blind e-mails and a phone conversation I give him the impression this was an invitation, at the very least, he would survive from. The invitation was artful but only informed him chicken will be served, he’ll be dining by himself, infront of cameras. I can only imagine how uneasy it was to accept an invitation like this from a stranger. Mr. Conover’s reservations and hesitations was evident during the meal because we had essentially just met for the first time 10 mins prior to the typing of the meal.

For the documentation of this meal I wanted to embed meaning with the invitation of each diner. Only when the viewers research further will they find Mr. Conover’s experience as a USDA food inspector in a meat processing plant. He had taken on this temporary profession to learn about where his food comes from. I hope Mr. Conover’s participation in this project will inspire in us a sense of curious passion to investigate the efforts it takes to product the food we enjoy.

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