Eat Eat Eat
Ms. Amanda McDonald Crowley

Ms. Amanda McDonald Crowley, a new media art curator and former creative director at Eyebeam came to this meal will an open-minded eagerness to see the performance and be a performer. Here are her reflections to this thematic dining experience.

Ms. Crowley was invited with the help of my professor Marina Zurkow. Ms. Crowley’s openness in-part was mediated through this referral, and partly I feel, because she is a natural charismatic performer. The invitation to the meal was artful but essentially just informed her of the time, location, chicken will be served and dining alone infront of cameras.

With Ms. Crowley’s participation I want the viewers of the video to think of food as an interactive medium. Beyond nutrition and cravings, I hope to add to the perspective of FOOD as a medium that can unite us in keeping our cultural dialog and fostering a healthy and sustainable future.

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Mr. Ted Conover’s responses to this thematic dining experience can be seen here.

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