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Sheep Shaped Cuisines

“Sheep Shaped Cuisines” is a series of exploration into sculptural foods by means of creating special tools to cook and shape food. This is a self-driven on-going exploration I had with food. It all began in the Winter of 2004. I was visiting my friend Emma Oppenheim in her Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhanttan and she introduced me to this creation at the local bakery.
It was dry and tasteless but the sculptural detailing was phenomenal! This, I later learned, was the Lamb of Christ popular during Easter time. This bakery had it year-round and proudly displayed it with decorations of cigarette pin to the lamb’s mouth, emaciated ribes with candy sprinkles and chocolate wigs. I was totally fascinated!!! For the first time I made an artistic connection between Product Design and Culinary Arts. I knew about mold-making from my under-graduate at Parsons. Combining this with heat and edible materials was a profound inspiration for me.
Throughout these explorations I’ve designed solely Sheep-shaped molds. I wanted to create a rigor for myself. I knew I wanted to explore different ingredients, flavors and iconic foods. Sheep was what I thought the animal was and became the default shape. So the theme of Sheep is nothing and everything… The consistency of sheep allowed me to measure and group these experiments together. Each exploration is then guided by the different type of tool making along with the type of food, texture and ingredients of the recipe.
Below are links to individual explorations. Chronologically ordered. Click on the photo tabs to explore each venture.

Sheep-shaped Cookies, Winter 2004.

Sheep-shaped Chocolate, Summer 2005.

Sheep-shaped Pretzels, Winter 2005.

Sheep-shaped Ravioli, Spring 2006.

Sheep-shaped Hard-boiled Egg, Spring 2006.

Sheep-shaped Waffles, Winter 2010.

Sheep Shaped Cuisines is Tak Cheung’s on-going personal investigations into food, design and art.

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