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Sheep-shaped Hard-Boiled Egg

Sheep-shaped hard-boiled egg, Spring 2006. The shape of a hard-boiled egg takes on the shell it’s contained in. I never thought of it this way until I wanted to make a sheep-shaped hard-boiled egg. This is an attempt to reshape the eggshell. The project remains work-in-progress.

Here’s the process:
First start with the positive form.

This is the container where the silicon mold will be poured. Separate the sheep in half.

The beige material is plasticine clay. This determines the negative form.

To explain the engineering of the mold: This is a two part mold. The white is the cured food-safe silicone with the sheep form still engaged. Mold-release is applied to the top of the horizontal pink straw. In the next pouring silicone will attached to the bottom of the straw and separated on the top, making it a living hinge mold. The faint vertical straw becomes air outlets for the egg material to fill completely inside the mold. Beige clay is there to reserve a space for the plug of the second part.

Casting the last piece, the plug.

Originally I thought to boil the eggs while in the molds. But these walls were too thick and heat was not transferring through. So I clamped it and baked it in the oven.

3 molds were made. One was for a bite-sized quail egg. The temperature needed a little adjusting. Here are some good and bad results.

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