Eat Eat Eat
Red Hook Live Poultry- Eat Like What You Eat
Red Hook Live Poultry- Eat Like What You Eat

During the end of Winter Break 2013 I visited a live poultry place in Red Hook, Brooklyn. I didn’t have a firm direction for my thesis. I just wanted to explore anything food related. This is part of the ‘Eat Like What You Eat’ thesis project. Back to Research and the Road Traveled page.

Ai Fiori Kitchen – Eat Like What You Eat
Ai Fiori Kitchen - Eat Like What You Eat

After dining a delicious meal at Ai Fiori during restaurant week I asked to visit the kitchen a week later. Chef PJ Calapa generously opened his doors for my research. During this time I didn’t know what my thesis project was going to be. A lot of notes taking on the mannerism and rigors of […]


I started thinking about this thesis project by exploring the broad topic of Food. Through investigating the broad reaches I hoped it would lead me to unexpected results during this 14 week thesis process. I knew couldn’t indulge in everything but I tried to be diverse with my curiosities. After reading Michael Pollen’s Omnivore’s Dilemma […]

Kill Cone – Eat Like What You Eat
Kill Cone - Eat Like What You Eat

The fourth-course references the kill cones used in the slaughtering process. This course takes the faceted metal kill cone and turns it upside-down into a porcelain pedestal. Curiously, the pedestal elevates the food and essentially puts the diner at an up-right position, elongating their posture similar to that of a chicken stuck inside the cone. […]

Bird Cage – Eat Like What You Eat
Bird Cage - Eat Like What You Eat

The third-course references the battery cages used to hold and transport chickens. A metal bird cage with three holes, one for each hand and the top opening intended for the mouth, is designed for the diner to experience eating through a confined barrier. Utensils are placed directly inside the holes for the two arms designed […]

AUTOMATED FEEDER – Eat Like What You Eat
AUTOMATED FEEDER - Eat Like What You Eat

The second-course references the automated feeding tools inside industrialized farms. Automated food pellet dispensing tray. Automated metal water nipple drinkers. The earlier design of this course were in two distinct pieces. They are later served together on a ‘feeding tray’. This course references feeding tools in industrialized chicken farms and re-imagines them in high-end tabletop […]

Eat Like What You Eat
Eat Like What You Eat

Based on the idiom ‘You Are What You Eat,’ this thesis project is a thematic dining experience that guides the invited guests through the process of food production, in particular, to take on the perspective of the food they are enjoying at that moment. This meal is about chicken, being told through an industrialized farm […]

Incubation Tray – Eat Like What You Eat
Incubation Tray - Eat Like What You Eat

The first-course references the incubation period of a typical industrialized-farmed chicken’s experience. A soup bowl was developed as the Amuse-bouche in the thematic meal. The narrative of this meal puts the diner at the animal’s perspective. With this intension we will start with one egg to make a one-on-one connection. The surface of this bowl […]


Tak’s creative experiences include: 2011(Fall)-2013(Spring): Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU. Two year MPS program. 2012(summer): ESIdesign. Internship in the physical design department. 2010(Winter)-2011(Fall): Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Freelance designer in various home-goods departments. 2008(Fall)-2009(Fall): Fabrica. Resident researcher in the 3D design department. 2003(Winter)-2009(Summer): Rogers Marvel Architects. Designer. 2003(Summer): Freecell Architecture. Designer. 1999(Fall)-2003(Spring): Parsons The New School […]

About Tak Cheung

Tak Cheung is an emerging artist who is intrigued by food: its political impact, process of production, the ramification of its total costs and the pure gastronomical sensation. Through his art work he explores these ideas with rigor and whimsical humor. His working series ‘Sheep-shaped Cuisines’ draws his experiences as a product designer in creating […]